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Are you planning to repair or replace that existing roof or add skylights and accents? With Primo Roofing, you can prevent damage to your living area, add equity and a new look, update and protect your home.


We will windproof and weatherize your home. And we're always available for any emergency. We will be there quickly to help you with your project, even with minor repairs.


Have your maintenance work performed on your roof every once in a while, it is an inexpensive way to prevent damage without the need for major repairs.


You can find out more about us and our services on the following pages. Feel free to contact us and we will find the right solution for your project!

Our Services

Our roofing company offers you a broad range of services. Take a look at the following pages and find out what we can do for you.


About Us

The team at Primo Roofing is your trusted partner when it comes to roofing and protecting your home, and other work around the house. Find out more about our company. We would be glad to provide you with competent and comprehensive advice on any project you plan to tackle with free estimates.

About us


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